Friday, May 10, 2024

Christie Pits Dominico Field Custom

 Hello friends!

I had a stroke of inspiration recently.. With the custom stadium set I'm working on, I'm going to make a subset of Intercounty Baseball League parks. The first one I did, kind of a proof-of-Concept, though I'm probably going to change parts of it.. Is Dominico Field at Christie Pits in Toronto.

This was a quick mockup.. I will be changing it and making it look better.. 

But anyway.. Dominico Field.. 
The team that plays there that I'm interested in is the Maple Leafs. These Leafs are known as the Intercounty Leafs or Intercounty Maple Leafs to distinguish from the NHL Leafs. 

The IBL team started in 1969, two years after the MiLB Maple Leafs of the IL moved to Louisville. 
The IBL team was originally owned by Jack and Lynne Dominico from 1969-2022. After their passing, the League Championship was named in their honour. 

The Leafs have won 8 IBL championships. 

Now I've mentioned Christie Pits in the name.. 
Christie Pits is an area of Toronto that originally were sand pits just off Christie Street. 
The park was originally known as Willowvale Park, and officially carried that name until 1983, when the City of Toronto changed it to Christie Pits Park 

Baseball and other activities have been taking place at this park since the early 1900s. In 1933, it was the site of an infamous riot between the Pit Gang (also known as the Swastika Club) and a group of young men, predominantly Jewish. 
At the time of the riot, there was a series of baseball games taking place. One of the teams had mainly Jewish players. The Pit Gang brought Swastikas. The Jewish people responded and a riot broke out. 

So dear reader, do you think this would be a good series/subset?


  1. Yes sir! Your research is fun to read.

  2. Tell me more about baseball things that I don't know about please! I particularly enjoy the little facts that you include