Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Donruss Jays: The Rest Plus Leaf

Hello Friends!

Today is the rest of the bunch for the Jays Donruss/Leaf/Panini/Whatever needs.. 


Stands to reason that the only one of the Hometown Heroes set I'd need is the short print..

I think this is from the Best of the AL set

These are from the 1988 Donruss All Stars. The only other ones I need are Oakland Coliseum and Tim Wallach

I have the 1988 Leaf set, but I need these for the team binder. 

I have the Donruss 86 taken care of, but not the Leaf

I kind of like the Leaf sets from this time. I believe the Butler is a need for my Canadians binder, but I'll know more once I get there..

Not many 94s needed

93 Donruss.. Almost want to say it's the Newscast set... 

More for the team binder.

Again, for the team binder. 

As I'm doing this I'm also gathering cards to show as a "Hey, let's make a deal!" kinda thing

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