Thursday, August 13, 2020

1985 Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

 The first few years of the Hall they had a number of inductees. Generally between 4-6 inductees a year. It slows down in the late 80s though, so I'll be doing yearly until 1989. I'll do one post from 1989-1995 and one post from 1996-2001. Starting in 2002 we get back to a consistent 4-6 inductees again. 

Well, as mentioned in the title, today is 1985

As before, click on the photo to go to their inductee page (opens in a new window)

He was a guy who did a lot for youth baseball in Toronto. 

He was the first Canadian to throw a no-hitter. The back of his card mentions the only, but it was produced before Paxton did his magic in Toronto.

Another builder, but this time owner of the IL Maple Leafs. He also ended up owning the Washington We're-Using-a-Footy-Naming-Style-For-Ourselves-This-Year of the NFL, the LA Kings, and LA Lakers. 

My friend's father grew up with Hiller in Toronto. Went to school with him. 

Finally, Dr. Ron Taylor. Of course, I know him more as being the team doctor for the Jays when they were good in the late 80s and early 90s. Before that he was a pitcher. 


  1. Ron Taylor is definitely worth learning more about. He's had a very interesting live. You should check out this short YouTube "documentary" that I believe his sons put together:

  2. I've heard of Jack Kent Cooke. Probably because he owned an NFL team.

  3. Baseball player to team doctor. That's living the life.