Wednesday, August 19, 2020

2002 Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame

 Today I'm going to cover the 2002 Hall of Fame Class.. 

Now.. There are two cards in the set for this year I did not receive. 

Those are 

Cito Gaston


Bill Slack

I did reach out to the Hall and they are sending me a Slack, as well as some of the others I'm missing. Gaston and one other are out of stock and I need to ask again in May. 

He was instrumental in founding Baseball Canada. 

He was president of Labatt's when they were trying to help bring a team to Toronto. 

Apparently, he had mastered schedule making for the International League and worked in the same capacity for MLB. 
What's interesting is during his time in the International League, they moved their office from New York to Montreal. 

He was hired as the first Toronto Blue Jays employee. He was CEO of the team when they won the Back to Back World Series. 

I think next post will be about some trades that came in, then I'll jump back into these. 


  1. The Hall owes you cards? Are they Slacking?

    1. Well, I think it's more to do with their 2020 printings getting cancelled. They're out of stock on Gaston and Tony Fernandez. They slso didn't get the 2020 inductees done due to COVID

  2. Good to hear that they'll eventually complete your set.