Friday, August 14, 2020

1987 Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

 Today is the class of 1987.

The first Canadian that was inducted into Cooperstown found his way into the Canadian Hall as well, obviously. 

Shameless plug for my fellow collector and Canadian Richard Armstrong and Martin Healy's book 
George "Mooney" Gibson I've read the book and it's really interesting. 
They also sell it at the Canadian Baseball Hall..

I kind of like those old Toronto Maple Leafs uniforms. 

The inventor of the emery pitch. He also ended up playing for Buffalo of the Federal League. 


  1. Thanks for the plug, Mike!
    I actually have the program from the '87 induction ceremony.
    And now that I know this card exists, I've got mine on order from the Hall to go with it.

  2. Had to look up an emery pitch. Should have figured it involved an emery board. Any idea what the 35 represents on the Rocky Nelson card?

    1. I think it's tied to his HR total
      One year he hit 37 in a triple crown win another year had 43 in another triple crown both with Toronto