Friday, August 21, 2020

A Few Trades

 Today I want to cover a couple trades I've made over on TCDB. 

First is from bclough69

We have Dave McKay as an A.. 
Some Alomar cards. A few Triple Play for the set
The Deion Sanders SP from Upper Deck. 
And while he looks great in it, still odd seeing Molitor in a Jays uni. 

Next, a one card tade from jsteved

Joe Carter Outfield Power. 

Phinally, *ahem* I mean, finally, a trade with Phillyman73

Some nice 2020 Jays and a Diamond King Smoak. 

I wish him the best in Milwaukee.. 

Thanks for the trades!!!

I also got one thing in the mail I purchased through Sportlots. 

It's a 1947-66 Exhibits W461 Dick Fowler

I'm noticing the early days of collectibles seemed to be all over the place with sizes. It's about a card and a half tall. I imagine they make some holders for it (I might have ordered some on accident previously) but it'll be interesting to have one on a page and that's it. 


  1. Cool Fowler Exhibits card. Don't know anything about him, but I recognize the name from an early 50's Bowman card he has. As for that awesome Kluszewski card... Daniel featured the 1957 Topps version on his blog today (or was it yesterday?):

    1. Fowler was a Canadian born player. He played for the Philadelphia A's and was the first Canadian to throw a no-hitter.

  2. Molitor is obviously in pain with the bat piercing his face/cheek.