Friday, August 14, 2020

1988 Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

 Now we're onto the 1988 Class. 

There are a few "events" and teams enshrined in the Hall. This year shows one of them..

As always, click the photo to go to the Hall page. 

Just in case you were wondering what the back of the cards looked like. Here's one of them. 
More often than not, they have a few bullet notes and in the case of a team card, the roster. 

He was the first Canadian to have 1000 hits in the Major Leagues. 

I'm glad they put his birthplace as Fort William, and didn't change it to the current Thunder Bay. 

This one is interesting.... On the Trading Card Database, this card is filled with a different version. 

I think there are variations for some cards, possibly due to different printing runs, etc. I have a few cards in this style, but most are the other style. 

Known as Monseiur Baseball. 

I have a few of his cards waiting in the COMC purgatory.. 

I'm sorry these are generally short on writing from me. As I mentioned before, I figured the Hall does a better summary of these guys than I could. I'm just generally writing a small impression I have of them. 


  1. Don't apologize man! Also, interesting (maybe only to me?) note about Bill Phillips. He had long been noted as the first Canadian to play in the major leagues. And then 2-3 years ago, some new information came out about Bob Addy. I'm not sure if it was discovered that he was actually Canadian or just that he appeared in an earlier game than Phillips. Either way, Bob Addy after like 140 years of not being the first Canadian to appear in the now!

    1. That is rather interesting.
      I'm just glad it seems peolle are enjoying these posts.

  2. Voting for 3-time All-Star Jeff Heath.

    Looks like Beachville should be called Treesville.

    1. Heath is from half of the city I was born in.
      Up until 1970, Thunder Bay was Fort William and Port Arthur.
      It's funny. Beachville nowhere near water lol