Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Finally: A Completed Set.. And another Closer to it..

I reached out to fellow Canadian blogger Waxaholic  noticing that I had some cards he needed to complete 1991 Score. 

He contacted me back saying he had some of the needs I needed plus the one card I needed from the 1991 Ultra set.

This was the lone card I needed to finish the Ultra set.. I find it funny that the first set I finish is one I didn't set about to collect until I ended up with 99.9% of it.. 
That said, I'm still looking for another copy of the Jays and Expos from the set to go into binders. 

This knocked off a fair portion of my 1991 Score want list. 
The wants for this set are now 4.. 
Kent Anderson Corrected (flashy instead of flachy)
Scott Chiamparino Error (Bats Left)
John Cerutti (For whatever reason I feel like I should have about 20 of this one.. But don't.)
Mike Blowers (again.. I thought I had.. Maybe I'll double check and edit)

I will have the cards you needed out tomorrow, Waxaholic. Sorry for the delay. 

Since I have two weeks off over Christmas, I think I'm in for a massive undertaking.. With the influx of cards and really having no clue where I stand... I may spend the majority of my vacation going through and updating my collection listings on the Database. This way I also know what I have available for the others out there

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