Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Fun with Photos: 1992 Upper Deck

One thing I've enjoyed doing with this batch of cards I picked up is looking through the cards and seeing what photography catches my eye for whatever reason. 
Another thing I've been enjoying is trying to figure out if a rookie made anything of himself, but that's a post for another day.. 

Today I want to look at 1992 Upper Deck. It's a set everyone knows.. Everyone has seen it many times.. But I always find something interesting in it.. 

Ron Gant doing a Superman impression. I think the only person shown sliding more in Upper Deck cards is Rickey Henderson.. 

Randy Johnson throwing over to first... 
I don't know what drew me to this one.. Maybe the face Randy's making in throwing over to first.. 

Speaking of pitching faces, Ramon Martinez throwing a pitch. The fuzziness is throwing me off, but it looks like they're in Wrigley.. 

The Team checklists always brought some nice artwork. This one is the Rangers team list with Nolan Ryan (Who else?)

Kevin Appier had one of those deliveries that I found interesting. I don't remember what set it was, but the timing of the photo made it look like he was shot-putting the ball rather than throwing it. 

Ken Griffey Jr in a triple exposure shot. 
This was something that Upper Deck was known for in their first few years. Rickey Henderson, Griffey, Jose Canseco, among others had shots like this. 

This particular one though makes Griffey look like a ghost.. 

Al Osuna looking at post-baseball career opportunities? 
Cards similar to this always interested me as well because it shows a player as more than a player. 

Speaking of post-baseball career opportunities, Billy Ripken is on both sides of a camera here. At least there are no bat knobs to offend anyone here. 

Being a Slugger is tiring work. Here we have Cecil Fielder taking a break while the Chicken kneels in front of him. At least Cecil isn't polishing off a bucket of Kentucky Fried here... 

Another team Checklist, this time Cleveland. Vernon Wells Sr. did the artwork for these for a few years. His son had a decent career as well as a Centre Fielder for Toronto before going to Los Anaheim and New York. 

Greg Briley being a catcher. He played outfield for his career. 

Howard "HoJo" Johnson as Harry Caray called him, here with a random child who I hope was his. 
Either way, a rather interesting card.

Finally, Jose Canseco swinging for the fences. Unlike the Griffey card, they all seem to be connected at the foot. 

I hope you enjoyed the look at the 1992 Upper Deck cards I found interesting.. I think next one I do will be on some 1992 Score cards.. 

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  1. Randy Johnson looks like a mad man in that photo - well, I guess he always kind of looked like a mad man on the mound.