Monday, November 14, 2016

Updating Wantlists: 1991 Score

I Admit it... I haven't completed 1991 Score.. I hoped the box of cards I got would do it... But the box full of 1991 Score was missing cards 

Truth be told, it's a set I've been going back and forth on since 1991.. I enjoyed the box of it I bought in 1992 and opened. But with the set being almost 900 cards and being in an area where no card stores existed meant completing the set would be a tough task.

Now here I am at the other end of the province.. Living in a city with no local sports card store.. lol 

Anyway. The cards I need.. I still need to double check to see if I have the variations..

Bo Jackson. I do have the "Bo Breaker" card... In multiples.. But not this one.

Juan Samuel. He ended his career in Toronto. 

Fernando Valenzuela. 
For whatever reason, I have difficulty remembering he actually pitched more than in the early 80s and then again in the 90s.. He's just one of those guys who I completely blank on.. 

Andy Benes. His brother also pitched in the major leagues. 

Brent Knackert is a guy I just don't remember.. At all.. 

I remember Randy Tomlin more for a card from 1992 Pinnacle than anything he did on the mound. There was a "Pitches" subset and he showed his Vulcan Change. 

One of those cards I thought I had but I guess I don't.. I'd actually like to get two copies of it. 

Tino Martinez. 

John Russell

Mike Blowers. 

As an added bonus, I had a stack of 1991 Ultra.. I looked through it and while it wasn't a set I was actively thinking of collecting, since I'm one card off.. Why not finish it??

The one card I'm missing.. 

Going through these boxes of cards I now have a bunch of ideas for posts.. I just need to get the time to create them


  1. I have some cards to send your way, if you send me your address through an email I will get them out.

  2. along with the nine '91 Score cards I'm sending.... I added the '91 Ultra Howell too. They'll be in the post soon.