Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Surprises Again

I recently agreed upon a trade with Trading Card Database member Bkim. I received the cards in the mail today..

I had one card he needed, so he let me pick a card or a couple cards from the massive number of cards he has from my want lists. I settled on two that were the only card from that set/subset.
The Then and Now cards show up in different sets. Some of them end up being like this one, with a player from the past and present featured. Others feature the veteran player as a young player and as an older player. 
The League Leader card is from 1994 after John Olerud won the AL Batting title in 1993. He was first, Paul Molitor was second.. Roberto Alomar was Third.. 

I had a bit of a surprise in the envelope when I came across another top loader with this on it

I peeled the Post-it note off and this stared back at me:

Always enjoy getting Expos and Jays, especially early Expos cards.
This was a very pleasant surprise..
Thank you!

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