Monday, November 28, 2016

Surprise from the Night Owl

I came home after work today and to my surprise, there was a package from Greg at Night Owl Cards.

I had made mention that I liked the 1992 Donruss cards in my last post about them. He also sent a note stating
"I regret I didn't have more gross '92 Donruss to send!" 

I will get the pain out of the way first lol. Unfortunately none of these were needs, but I won't complain about it.. lol 

Also enclosed were a bunch of Jays and Expos as well as Eric Gagne and Russell Martin cards. 
AT one point, Greg made mention about wanting to cut down some of his collection, so I made mention that I'd take any Gagne/Martin since they're Canadians. 

I love that Gary Carter card in the middle. 

More Jays and Expos. 

Russell Martin cards here including an Upper Deck Masterpieces card. The middle Martin is definitely a trip back to 1991-1992 with that design. 

The Rob Butler one is going into my Jays binder but I'm still looking for another one for the Canadians binder. 
Hey a Paul Konerko/Raul Ibanez rookie card. Oh yeah, and the reason I have it: Julio Mosquera. 
Just taking another look at that Homer Bush I think that was taken during a Jays/Expos game. 

Thanks again for the cards Greg! Much Appreciated!


  1. Lots of nice cards here. That is a cool Gary carter card, and I like the David Purcey OPC - that set has a clean retro-ish look. The Homer Bush card does appear to be an interleague game vs. Montreal. Looks like Brad Wilkerson sliding into him. Or is it Ryan McGuire?

    1. Likely McGuire since the name looks to be Mc....

  2. I sent you 1992 Donruss DUPES???

    I'm sorry, man. But somehow that seems appropriate for '92 Donruss.