Friday, November 25, 2016

Quick Two-Card Post

I haven't been feeling the best the past couple weeks so I just want to do a quick post tonight.

First we have Ruben Sierra in Stadium Club somewhere other than a Stadium. Could be his house.. Could be his home country.. I don't know.. I just thought it was cool.. 

I think the Star (I know.. Bad Pun) of this post though is the 1981 OPC Willie Stargell I found in the box of cards I bought. 

I think it's a rather interesting card and maybe one a Pirates fan may enjoy? 


  1. That's a great Pops. Always fun to find an OPC.

    1. Indeed.. I have some other later year OPCs as well. It's not that odd for me since Canadian, but I did find some old Leaf/Donruss cards.. Those were rarer to find here..