Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trade Recap

With October finished, I may now have a little more time to devote to writing. 

I'm behind on writing about some cards I received from different sources, so I'm going to work on that today.. 

First I received an e-mail from John H mentioning he had some Jays for me. I was able to find some cards he needed and we swung a deal. 

I'm slowly getting 1992 Donruss completed.. It's funny that it's the first set I really started but I'm still trying to complete it so many years later.. 

Luke Hetherington played in the Toronto system until 2007, making it to Dunedin. He played in Evansville and Lake Erie of the Frontier League and Sioux City of the American Association. He ended his career with the McAllen Thunder of the North American League .
Aaron Mathews made it as far as Las Vegas for the Jays. He also played in New Orleans for the Marlins before finishing his career with the Somerset Patriots in the Atlantic League.
Jacob Butler made it as high as New Hampshire for the Jays before going to play for St. Paul in the American Association and New Jersey in the Canadian-American Association.
Marc Rzepczynski is currently on the Washington Nationals. He's appeared in the Majors with Toronto, Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland, San Diego, and Washington. 
The Terrmel Sledge card is interesting as well. The fake ticket inside the card is even printed in both French and English for that authentic Canadian feel. 

Thank you for the cards, John. Aside from the Van Poppel, these are all from the time that I was not collecting. 

Also Chris from The Collector contacted me about the Blake Swihart card I had pulled from a repack box. He sent a nice little package to me for it. 

A Carlos Delgado Minor League card as a member of the St. Catharine's Blue Jays. A couple shiny cards as well here with Roy Halladay breaking through the block wall and Carlos Delgado doubtless getting ready to hit a home run. 
The Carter card is a Fleer Greats of the Game card and sums up Joe's career quite nicely. 

This one's a little all over the place, with Expos, Jays, and Canadians. Those Topps Stars cards are... Interesting... No stats or anything, but ratings compared to the rest of the league in different categories. 

The Randy Johnson is the "Cards Your Mother Threw Out" insert version. 
The Sizemore there is an unslabbed version, so it's going into my Expos binder. 
Bottom Row of Vlad to go along with a Larry Walker. 
The Fergie Jenkins ended up being a duplicate, but I'm sure I can find someone who can use it. 

We have a couple cut cards here, with Pedro unleashing a fireball from his feet and a Vlad shiny. 
The way the Morrow looks from the scan it's almost like he blew up the background. Looks like confetti falling around him. 

Also love the Fleer sticker.

This however, was amazing. Love it. 

I really don't know what to say about it. 

So that's really part one of the trade catch ups.. I hope to do part two sometime this week. Maybe even tomorrow. 


  1. I just got the Swihart today and I was going to ask if you got your end. Happy to see you've received them. Glad you like the Raines especially. If the Fergie was the only dupe of the lot I'd consider that a win.

    Thanks again for the trade!

  2. Number of great cards Mike - and the Raines card is very appropriately named as it is definitely a Sweet Swatch