Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Nice Oddball

I went through one of the boxes today between school runs and found something I was really excited for. 

1993 Donruss Montreal Expos 25th Anniversary.

I had (most) of the Blue Jays one put out in 1993 but I hadn't seen the Montreal Expos ones. In the box also has a few years of Leaf (when they were the Donruss equal to OPC) and other things.

So let's see who's in this set..

The Spaceman!

The author of the first Expos No-Hitter. 

A French Canadian who pitched for the French Canadian team. I was able to get two copies so I have one for my Canadians binder as well. 

El Presidente should be no surprise. 

The other Canadian in the set. I only found one copy of this one though.

Le Grand Orange!

So now I'll show off the back

Now, the placement of the French text leads me to believe this was an Eastern Canada promotion with the Jays being Ontario and West. 

In Quebec the French language has to be most prominent. If they could they would JUST use French, but the Official Languages laws forces them to put both on.. Even though now most signage is footnote sized for English.

I like the inclusion of the Expos career record.

If anyone is interested, I do have some extra cards from this set...

Moises Alou: 4
Andre Dawson: 3
Delino DeShields: 5
Andres Galarraga: 3
Marquis Grissom: 2
Tim Raines: 4
Tim Wallach: 3
Ken Hill: 8
Dennis Martinez: 10
Gary Carter: 5
Dave Cash: 6
Warren Cromartie: 2
Mack Jones: 3
Al Oliver: 5
Larry Parrish: 5
Rodney Scott: 5
Ken Singleton: 3
Rusty Staub: 1
Ellis Valentine: 3
Woodie Fryman: 6
Charlie Lea: 5
Bill Lee: 1
Mike Marshall: 1
Claude Raymond: 3
Steve Renko: 4
Steve Rogers: 3
Bill Stoneman: 3
Gene Mauch: 3
Felipe Alou: 5
Buck Rodgers: 5
Logo/Checklist: 3

If anyone wants some of these let me know