Sunday, March 5, 2017

Player Collections: Larry Walker

As I'm waiting on the package to come in from Robert at $30 a Week Habit  I'm going to show another Player Collection. 

This time is Larry Walker. 

These are a little more all over the place. 
1990 Soaring Stars Walker mixed in with Rockies and Cardinals years.

This time it's mostly Expos. 
The Upper Deck Rookie Threats card is nice. Delino DeShields and Marquis Grissom join Walker. 
I like that 1990 89 Pro Debut card. 

That Upper Deck Power Up card makes him look like a Bobblehead.. 
I really like the Collector's Choice card here with Walker going over the fence. 
Finally, a 206 mini as a Rockie. 

With a lot of his earlier cards, they are in my Expos collection or if they are part of a set, they are there.

Cards in Collection: 57

Cards Available: 4244

Percentage Collected: 1.3%


  1. One of my early collecting "discoveries" was randomly reading the back of 1990 Donruss cards, in 1990, and finding a card of this Canadian guy from Maple Ridge, BC. Have been intrigued by the idea of Canadian players on Canadian teams ever since.

    1. I remember when I used to get the preview magazines before the season (if they had the birth information) looking for all the Canadians on the 40 man rosters

  2. Nice cards, especially the 92 Ultra and the 94 CC. Larry Walker is probably my favorite Canadian-born player. I hope he gets some more HOF love in the coming years. Not saying he deserves to be enshrined... but he deserves more support for sure.

    1. Yeah I don't see him getting into Cooperstown. He is in the Canadian Baseball Hall though, so at least he's recognized here.

  3. Picked up some Walkers for you yesterday...eventually I will be organized enough to get you a good, solid envelope together!

  4. I've given away sooo many Walkers over the years. Keeping them all going forward to add to the small but growing stack for you. Looking forward to a future trade - once the ban is lifted. ;)