Friday, March 10, 2017

A Trade and a Small Rant

I received a package in the mail today from Trading Card Database member Corozco. 

A nice batch of 1989s. The Jays are going into the binder, since they are already in the set. 
The non-Jays here are all set needs. 

More Jays and Expos for the binders. 

With this trade, that puts me 84 cards away from being completely complete with this set. That is all variations/errors, cards for various collections, etc. 

Now the small rant.. 

As you know, I'm in Canada. Being in Canada, especially hours from the border with no way of getting to said, makes some things difficult. 

Today I wanted to send a card in the mail to a former player who lives in Michigan. I wanted to include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope. I found out I can't do that because we don't have American stamps in Canada.

So it leaves me with a few options. Most of them convoluted. 

1. The easiest route is just get players who are in Canada or forget the whole thing
2. See if I can send the card and envelope to family in the States to stamp and send to the player for me
3. See about buying American stamps online
4. Beg someone in the wonderful blogosphere to work out a trade that could include American stamps to do this.
5. Overthink everything and paralyze myself into inaction 

Generally the last one is the one that happens.. The first option is the second easiest, though there aren't many that are based in Canada. So.. I guess this is a small rant just to say I'm annoyed with the Postal Systems.. lol 


  1. i can participate in option number 4, should you choose to go that route. let me know - gcrlATcomcastDOTnet

  2. I know you can get American International stamps that would work, I have thought about going that route, but have not got any yet. I am still at step 5.

  3. I'd be willing to trade a few American stamps for some Canadian ones. Let's talk! Can probably help you out with those '89s as well.

  4. I feel your pain, as I've wanted to send TTM requests to Canada. I have yet to do it.

  5. Step 5 is what I usually do.