Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Blog Challenge

So there's been a few challenges going around. Currently a few people I interact with on Twitter and on blogs are doing a music challenge where they name a song for a category listed for that day. 

It was mentioned that this would make a good challenge for baseball cards. 

Tony at Off Hiatus decided to kick things off.. 

Here is the list.. 
Day one is A Card from the current year with a photo you like. 

In the post I linked above, Tony gave his response. I tweeted mine to him and now I'm going to show it off here. 

This is actually the Gold Parallel of Kevin Pillar's Topps card. 

I was saying this is one of two acceptable photos for a Pillar card. The other is climbing the wall.. 

I've been falling behind on a lot of things recently. Blogging, sending out cards, cataloguing what I have. I plan on catching up, though it may take a couple days/weeks of nothing but that on my part.. 

Anyway, have a great night!

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