Sunday, March 19, 2017

Catching Up Again

Tomorrow I go back to my normal routine of driving. March Break is over 

What isn't over, however, is the mountain of stuff I got from CrazieJoe. 

Everything from him I'm highlighting is from the 2005 UD Classics set.. I just picked what caught my eye..

Jack Clark, I really caught him at the end of his career when he was basically a first baseman. 
Jack Morris went on to pitch for the Jays after his stint in Minnesota and was the first 20 game winner in Toronto. Him and Dave Stieb were generally lumped as two of the best pitchers in the 80s. 
Keith Hernandez.. I just like that uniform. I don't know why.. 

Another Fergie for the set.. 
Frank Howard with the weird glasses/flip sunglasses that almost look like swim goggles. 

I'm a sucker for pictures with throwback uniforms.. Love the Gibby here...
Phil Niekro wearing the old Atlanta Braves uniforms before going back to the more traditional ones in the 80s. 

I remember reading about Ralph Kiner leaving Pittsburgh. Basically the Owner/GM said "We can finish in last place just as easily without him as with him"
Rollie Fingers as a Brewer. He grew the handlebar mustache as a result of Athletics owner Charlie Finley offering $250 to any of his players who grew facial hair. It stuck.. 
It's odd seeing Sparky Anderson in a Reds uniform. I know he was there before he managed the Tigers. Just don't see many with him as a Red.

A Yankee player without the interlocking NY on their chest. You can't see it in the scan, but the pinstripes are there, at least.
Warren Spahn, one half of Boston's "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain" rotation.
Lyman Bostock was cut short in his career, and really, his life. He played four seasons in the Major Leagues before being shot and killed in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. 

It's been mentioned elsewhere, but Chris at The Pedestrian Collector opened a bunch of 2017 Heritage. He kindly offered the duplicates to those who wanted them as part of a giveaway. 

I made a comment on a Buyback card he received and I ended up getting it, plus.. 

Jays.. Glorious Jays! Even though one of them isn't around anymore (Thank you, Edwin's Agent...)

Jays, Canadians, and Canadian Jays here. I was surprised to get the Lawrie card, but knowing he's Canadian, Chris sent it off to me as well. Thank you! 
That said, I need a second copy of the Martin for the Canadians binder lol
Manny Lee asking me to rediscover 1986... No thanks, though I may sort-of-but-not-really collect it.. 

Michael Saunders is now a Phillie. (Best of luck to you there)
Here, he's a Jay.. Again because of the Canadian angle, I'll still be looking for one more. 
Hopefully Marco Estrada's back issues are *ahem* behind him....

And this one was a complete shock. I wasn't expecting anything beyond what I showed with the Heritage. But along side them was this beautiful Cordero card. 

Thank you again, Chris!


  1. Those Upper Deck Classics cards are really sharp. As are the Topps Heritage. Nice group of cards. Hope going back to work isn't too difficult!

  2. I dont think I've ever seen a Waite Hoyt card. Or a Yankees uniform without the NY.

    A lot of the players in '17 Heritage were shown with their new teams so I'm kind of surprised Saunders wasn't depicted as a Phillie. But it works out well for your Jays collection. I tried to find some extra stuff you could use like the Lawrie and Cordero. If I could have fit more in the Christmas Card I would have :)