Friday, March 24, 2017

Mini Mail-Bomb From Baseball Every Night

I feel so behind and so overwhelmed right now that I'm trying to work things to be more manageable. 

I have a couple trades I need to show, a "Pay it forward" style box sent, and the one I'm talking about today... 

Over on Baseball Every Night  Peter was trying to get rid of some cards he found in a binder. We've traded back and forth a few times, so I decided to claim some of the cards he had shown. (Go check him out.. He still has cards available from there!) 

Well, today I got them in the mail, along with a few 2017 Jays he had a while back. 

We have some 1990 Donruss I needed to help finish the set.. (Still working on it) 
A couple Randy Johnson Expos rookies also make their appearance here. The Fleer is one of many variations of that card. 

Apparently there are more variations than the 5 listed on the Database. This one is the Blacked out version. The reason for the blacking out is the sign is a stadium sign for Marlboro. Around the time the card was released, someone noticed the Marlboro sign in the background and took multiple attempts at blotting out the subliminal message they were sending. 
The one I have is the final "Blacked Out" version, which was in the factory sets. 

(More information is available HERE.

Some Fleer oddball cards to go along with some Expos I needed for the team sets. Oh.. What else is here? 

Billy Ripken makes an appearance. While 1989 Fleer is not a set I want to collect, nor is Baltimore a team I want to collect, I've wanted a variation of this card just to say I own it. Now, I'd still like to get the unedited version, but there's no rush on that by any stretch of the imagination.

Joey Votto makes an appearance here. George Bell in the Leaf version of 1987 Donruss. 
A couple minis and a 1983 Jeff Reardon were both needed for the collection. John Smoltz corrected version (There's a version of this card with Tom Glavine on it) and the corrected Frank Thomas rookie also make appearances. 

The completionist in me will be driven crazy by the fact that I will never own a Frank Thomas rookie error card, but at the same time.. Going on the one copy on ebay, I have better things to spend 50+ grand (Canadian) on than a piece of cardboard missing information. 

Well, that and I don't even make that in two years lol. 

Finally, a couple 2017 Jays to go along with the other 2017 Jays he sent. These were the horizontal cards though, so they get scanned separately. 

The Kevin Pillar is actually a gold parallel, serial numbered to 2017. 

As much as I like the action shot they used for Pillar, I think it should be illegal for Topps to NOT show Pillar climbing a wall to make a catch, or diving headlong to make a catch. 

One of the Jays announcers, (I honestly don't remember who) called him "Kevin 'I Catch Everything' Pillar" 

Anyway, thank you Peter for the cards! They have definitely found a loving home here. 


  1. I sorta knew there were variations to the 89 Fleer Randy Johnson RC, but I didn't know the whole story like with the Ripken. Lots of cool cards here. I wish they'd bring back a Flair Hot Gloves-type insert set for guys like Pillar, Kevin Kiermaier, Manny Machado, and Andrelton Simmons. There was that Topps insert set called 'robbed' but I dont know if (either) Kevin was in that.

    1. Yeah in 2015. Neither Kevin made it but Colby Rasmus did lol

  2. The cards always look better on your blog, as part of your collection, than they did in mine. You've shown them off well and I'm so glad that they fill in some gaps!