Tuesday, March 7, 2017

100 Word Post

Robert at $30 a Week Habit gave a challenge to some bloggers to write 100 words on some cards he'd send their way. I was one of those to volunteered. 
I just received the cards in the mail this morning so why not write about them? 
Robert also sent a note saying that he finds it nice that we're getting more Canadians in the blogoshpere. 
(This part is not included in my 100 words!!)  

1980-1981 Topps

By this time he's established himself as a scoring threat.
Topps and OPC that year had the weird idea of scratch off sections on their cards to hide league leader stats and player names. This one is unscratched.  

1981-1982 OPC Record Breakers
This card shows the first linemates to score 100 points each in a season.

The three are Simmer, Dave Taylor, and Marcel Dionne.  

1984-1985 OPC

 OPC showing the “Now With” as Simmer moved on from the Kings to the Bruins in the offseason.  

2002-2003 Upper Deck Foundations

This was one I hadn't seen before. Very nice card with Simmer staring a hole through the holder of the card.  

2011-2012 Panini Limited

Simmer played one season with the Barons, 1975-1976. This was after two seasons with the Seals. He went to the Kings and the rest is history.  

And.... The verdict is... 126 words... D'oh! For whatever reason I thought this would be more difficult to get to 100 words. 

Thank you Robert for the cards!

(I edited to put the card year and make as captions)


  1. Nice cards, I'm a bit surprised you didn't get all baseball..but I know you said Simmer is from your hometown. Isn't there another NHLer you collect? If you mentioned him I dont remember.

    I wish the Barons card was in color. It's always cool to see defunct teams on current (or classic) cards.

    1. There is.. Aaron MacKenzie and for the same reason. I went to school with Simmer's nephew and was a few years older than MacKenzie.

      I'd love to see cards of the Seals/Golden Seals in colour.

  2. Nice cards and post...I'd say 126 is about right with the current exchange rate on 100 words US. I look forward to doing my attempt hopefully in the next day or two as I eagerly await the cards.

  3. I'm just disappointed that awesome stache wasn't mentioned! That's of Dale Earnhardt proportions!

    1. Well, I would have if I had more words lol

      I may do an actual profile post on him (If I haven't already.. If so I'll update it lol)

  4. Well done Mike! I tried to mix a bit of the old with a bit of the new Simmer cards for you.