Friday, March 17, 2017

Box Part 2

After a long... LONG day yesterday (and even got a trade package in that I'll cover later) I'm back today to continue the Box of CrazieJoe.. 

But before I do that... I feel dumb... Had a couple trades going with members on the Trading Card Database and I ended up sending the packages to the wrong people... One has offered to pass them along to the intended recipient, but I'm still beating myself up over it, since I'm me.. 

Lots of 1990 Score here. Andre Dawson is always a nice sight, even in the Cubs pinstripes. 
I always remember Rob Deer for having a .179 average one year as a regular player. I don't remember if it was with Milwaukee or with Detroit. 

Griffey, Sosa, and not much else in the Name department here. Though we do have George Bell's brother. 

Phil Stephenson showing off the Padres pinstripes.. 
The Boggs, Clark, and Scott are the Dream Team cards. They're rather interesting. 
Some minor league cards as well with a Bison and a Red Sock from Rhode Island. 

An Edmonton Trapper, a Portland Beaver, and a Canton-Akron Indian make up the top row.. 
Hmmm I wonder if the Edmonton Trappers caught the Portland Beavers that year? (I know.. Bad... )
Baby Jays! Well, really mostly Chiefs, but all Jays farmhands. 

The fun thing about the minor league cards is it'll either be of someone you heard of, someone you think you might have seen, or someone you have no clue who they are. I'm not afraid to admit these Jays I have no clue who they are.. 

Some 1989 Donruss. It's funny, some Donruss years I love, some I hate.. This one was closer to the dislike side of things. I don't know what it is about them.. 

So that's it for today.. Tomorrow will cover my version of Peter K Steinberg's 1995 Fleer.. B

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