Monday, March 6, 2017

Highly Unexpected and Completely Awesome.

Not too long ago Brian at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary was saying he wanted to thin out his collection. I've received a package from him before that I thought I covered but can't seem to find on my blog list.. 
Maybe I'm just tired.. 

Anyway, another package came in the mail today and I have to say it's a beauty. 

Some 1992 Donruss I needed to get the set closer to completion. The Borders is going in the Jays binder since I have one for the set. 
First Home Run Jayson Werth card makes an appearance. Have to say it was unintentional to make it look like he's hitting the bomb off Price. 
Finally, O-Dog in the Angry Birds uniform. 

MLB Showdown is a game I would have liked to have tried when it came out. I saw Topps Attax Hockey up here later but never baseball. 
I really like those Fleer Tradition cards. Tony Fernandez in his third of four tours. The Little Hurt Craig Grebeck beat The Big Hurt to Toronto by a few years.

I find it interesting that both Upper Deck and Topps put out sets called Reserve in 2001. 
A trio of Heritage grace the bottom row here. Adam Lind is the oddball in the Bowman with the Angry Jays. 

Miguel Batista ended up playing for both Toronto and Montreal in his tour around the Majors. 
Fernando Seguignol ended up being big in Japan. 
I really like that Peter Bergeron. 

Now the really cool thing..

Marquis Grissom auto from Topps Hi Tek. 
It's even on-card. 

Thank you Brian for the awesome package!


  1. Awesome Grissom auto! And I love the Diamond Kings inserts from '92 and '93.

    1. I've loved the Diamond Kings cards since I first saw them. 1992 was the first year they were an actual insert and not part of the base set.

  2. That's Brian's style! He's an amazing trade partner! Love the on card auto!

    1. Indeed.. I've noticed there are quite a few bloggers that are amazing.. In a way I feel unworthy lol