Saturday, March 11, 2017

Adventures in Bus Driving and Other Stuff

Today was a bit of a fun day, with a charter cutting into the first weekend of March Break. 

It was a very easy one, bring people from Fleming College in Lindsay to Fleming College in Peterborough. 

Here is my bus in front of the Frost Campus of Fleming College in Lindsay. 

Fleming was originally known as Sir Sandford Fleming College, but they shortened the name. 

Just to throw something about cards in here, I'll show one page of a player collection. 

This is the entirety of my Joey Votto collection aside from a 2017 Topps League Leader card. 

So, I have 10 cards of over 3000 made.. A drop in the bucket lol.

Finally, I was introduced to a new/old blog tonight though The Chronicles of Fuji.
A blog called The Daily Dimwit is running a contest to get people reading. Different perspectives and ideas (as well as seeing cards I'd never normally own/see/think about) are good things!

*In Jericho's voice* Check it out, maaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!!

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