Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The End of the Repacks... For Now....

Today marks the last repack I bought a couple weeks ago.. Now I'm looking at a large scale reorganization that I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared for. But anyway...

A Studio Moises Alou. 
Tim Laudner lovingly stroking his baseball bat.. 
Pitchers pitching.. 
And Ty Gainey looking annoyed.. 

One thing that's interesting about these repacks is getting 2017 cards in them... Hello, Huston Street..
Johan Santana had a brief stint in the minors for the Jays in 2015 before injuries ended his season.

A couple Pirates show up here. 
Ryan Shealy kicked around for a few years.. 

Zack Grienke in a throwback uniform. I think it might be one of the Negro League heritage uniforms. 
Ray Durham in another throwback uniform. 
Bruce Sutter showing off a trophy.
Nolan Ryan! 

Oh look.. Dale Mohorcic.. 
Cliff Floyd in a Harrisburg Senators uniform. 
Steve Wilson. I'm not sure if I have that card already or not.. 

Another Gary Roenicke card. 

Craig Biggio. 
That Brett Wallace card is rather creepy.. Or, at least the smile on his face is.. 

Another Mike Schooler 1989 Donruss.. 

So that's that.. 

Once I go through my cards, I'll have a better idea of what I needed and what's available.. 


  1. Nice, what style of repacks were these? Dollar tree variety (30 cards) or something Canadian?

    1. They're 80 card packs put out by Presstine for Dollaram a here in Canada. 80 cards for $3

  2. You seem to have better variation with your repacks than I do. The last one I bough had about 25% of 1988 Score...

    1. There are a couple that end up being a bunch of 1987 Topps and 1988 Donruss.. But at the same time, there are those nice 1982s and 2010+ cards..