Sunday, October 8, 2017

Jays Uniform Project: 1

A little while ago, I did the first in what looks to be a series looking at cards of players who wore a certain number for the Jays..
Last time I looked at 0 and 00.
Today is 1..

First is Bob Bailor

Bailor was the first pick in the Expansion Draft for the Jays in 1976, so it makes sense he'd also have uniform number 1. 
He wore it until he left after 1980.

The number remained unused by players until 1983. 

Tony Fernandez wore 1 from 1983-1990 when he was traded to San Diego. 
He wore it again when he came back in 1993.
Fernandez came back again in 1998-1999, wearing 1 again.
2001 was Fernandez' fourth tour of duty with the Jays. 

Eddie Zosky wore it from 1991-1992.

1994 the number went unworn. 

Tomas Perez (I do not own this card) wore it from 1995-1997.

Mickey Morandini (I do not own this card) wore the number in 2000. 
He spent part of the season with the Jays after being traded by the Phillies for Rob Ducey. 
This was also his last season.

2002-2003 the number laid dormant again..

2004 brought Orlando Hudson wearing 1 after a couple seasons wearing 3. 
This was the season before the Angry Birds Jays were shown.. 
Hudson wore 1 from 2004-2005

One of the Fabulous Catching Molina Brothers! Actually, two of the three played for the Jays at some point. 

2006 it was Bengie Molina's turn to wear 1

Ray Olmedo (I do not own this card) is shown as a Red because according to the TCDB, he was never issued a card as a Jay (There is one as a Chief, but the photo's not in the database)

Olmedo spent 27 games in 2007 wearing 1 for Toronto. 

Joe Inglett (I do not own this card) wore 1 from 2008-2009

DeWayne Wise wore it in 2010. Here he is shown as a 51.. (I do not own this card)

Darin Mastroianni wore 1 in 2011. 

2012 the number went unused. 

2013 was Emilio Bonifacio's turn. 
(I do not own this card)

Jonathan Diaz wore 1 from 2014-2015. I remember him bouncing from AAA to Toronto quite a bit. 
I do not own this card

2016 Andy Burns wore 1

I do not own this card, though it is a nice one. 

Raffy Lopez wore 1 for the time he was in the Majors this season. 
I do not own this card.

Really, for length of service, this number spent a fair bit of time out on the field. I would have to say Tony Fernandez would be the "Best" out of the players who wore it. 

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