Tuesday, October 3, 2017

It's Repack Time!

I just know one of these times I'll reuse a title I've used before.. Sometimes it's the most difficult thing of writing.. lol

Anyway... Another day, another repack I want to go through.. I have two left.. Then I can start my reorg.

A nice batch of Jays and Expos. I think a couple of these I already have, but we'll find that out soon enough.. 
There's Chipper (Don't Call me Larry) Jones as well. 

Hey. A Bob Walk sighting.. I know a certain blogger who would love that card. 

Another card I seem to have seen a lot of in this group is that 1990 Donruss Jesse Barfield. 
Hard to believe that Ervin Santana has been around for as long as he has been. 

Kelvim Escobar showing off my second favourite Jays uniforms. 
Nyjer Morgan makes an appearance here as a Brewer.

Eddie Murray as an Indian just seems... Wrong... 
Oh look.. Another Dale Mohorcic... 

It almost looks like Mike Schmidt is perfecting his golf follow through there.. 

Well, that's the 4th of 5.. Will likely have the 5th up tomorrow. 


  1. Of course I love that Walk. My second favorite is the Murray Finest card. I just showed some of that set on my blog last night!

    1. I can't say that I'm a fan of the Finest sets..