Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Recently I had a little extra money, so I bit the bullet and bought this: 

I don't know what I was expecting when I bought it, but I guess I was expecting more than this:

The "pack" is a small card holder containing 6 cards, 1 Autograph card and 1 Memorabilia card
I guess I lucked out with two Autographs. 

That said, the box is nice.. 

All sorts of red and white.. Almost slapping you in the face with its Canadianism.. 

So I guess the big thing is.. Cards.. What cards did I get??

Karen Kain is a retired ballet dancer and is currently the Artistic Director of the National Ballet of Canada.
Chantal Kreviazuk is a singer/songwriter. 
Scott Niedermayer was in the NHL mainly for New Jersey.

Raymond Burr was an actor, best known for Perry Mason.
Northern Dancer was a racehorse. 
Harry Jerome was a track star. He set 7 world records over his career.
Fergie Jenkins.. I don't think I need to say who he is. 
Terry Sawchuk was a member of the Detroit Red Wings, playing Goalie, winning four Stanley Cups. 
Jaques Villeneuve is a race car driver. According to the card shown, he's also a singer. 

And that was that..

I was a little disappointed that I spent $90 CDN on what amounted to 9 cards. That said, I've seen the full set available online for $80. Not sure if it was CDN or US though. 


  1. That Chantal is a sweet pull. I love Our Lady Peace and she's married to lead singer Raine Maida. They sing together pretty often you can see some of that on youtube. Once of the best looking Canadians ever for sure.

  2. This wasn't even my box and I was kind of disappointed! As I mentioned in our brief Twitter exchange, I really do like this set, but damn, couldn't they have at least put the cards in an actual pack? For the price, it doesn't seem like that's too much to ask. I guess congrats are in order, for at least getting that bonus autograph though.

    1. I know..
      What's even worse is Dave and Adams has the complete set for $39.95.. ARGH!

    2. That seems awfully cheap! One other thing I forgot to say too, is even if this was a disappointment, don't let it get you too down as we have all had not so great boxes before... it's an unfortunate part of being a card collector.

  3. I checked into it and shipping would basically double the price. But when they sell it for $131 normally. I just hope I have a little extra on my pay.

  4. Although this product seems a little pricey... I like the idea behind it. That Niedermayer jersey card is pretty sweet.