Thursday, August 3, 2017

Little Fun Game

I decided for fun to join in with Bo from Baseball Cards Come to Life and the Little Fun Game he held. 

In the end I got a thing titled "Basketball Rookies"

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, since I have no clue about basketball.. 

The package came in the mail a couple days ago... I was surprised. 

A nice batch of Jays and Expos greeted me as well. 
I honestly don't remember the time the Jays wore those uniforms in the Raul Mondesi card. 

Diamond Kings. Even without the logos, I love these cards. 

Bowman is one that's generally not in the collection because I can't get past the numbering and parallels for it.. 

The final scan has a couple mini cards, a Charlie Simmer, and the rookies that I got from the Game... 
Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan.. I've heard of these people!

Thank you Bo! I'll have something out for you on the 11th.. 


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