Tuesday, August 22, 2017

National Baseball Card Day

National Baseball Card Day was a couple weeks ago. I mentioned on Twitter that I don't have a card shop near me in order to go get cards. I had a conversation on Twitter with the owner of First Row Collectibles and Autograph Blog and he sent me a batch of the National Baseball Card Day cards.

One I'm definitely happy to see is the Donaldson. 
He also passed on a Trout promotional card they were giving out for the $10 purchases. 

I'm still looking into getting a couple other cards from this year.. The Joey Votto and Freddie Freeman cards. 

Thanks again for that. It was greatly appreciated!


  1. Excellent. Glad that you got the Bringer of Rain. From what I can tell they printed the Trout card in numbers not seen since 1988 Donruss.