Wednesday, August 30, 2017

From the Dugout Part 2

Well, I wanted to do this on the weekend but by time I got around to it, I had no energy to do so.. So here it is today..

A nice little jab at the Player's Strike here
"When even a War didn't stop the World Series"

In a way I'm interested to read this book.. Just to see what it was like.. 

Dave Stewart... He ended up playing for the Jays in 1993 and 1994 before going back to Oakland for 1995. 

Part Three of the Expos series. 

An article on a minor league roadtrip by some guy... lol 

An article on Baseball in Newfoundland. 

A short article on a player that was touted here as the "Next Terminator" 
It didn't work out that way.. He was out of baseball at 23 years old, never making it above A Ball.. 

So this was the second magazine I randomly pulled out.. Hopefully the third will have Part 2 of the Expos saga.. lol 

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