Monday, August 21, 2017

From The Dugout P1

I wanted to do something a little different today.. Originally this was going to be a Sunday thing, but it didn't happen that way..

Back in 1994-1995 there was a magazine out called Dugout. It was produced here in Canada and published bimonthly. 

I wanted to show what a typical magazine held.. 

This is the front cover of the one I grabbed to scan.. 
There was a multi-issue feature on the 25th anniversary of the Expos. This one has the first one.. 

The inside cover had an ad for a Paul Molitor book. 

Table of Contents showing the content.. 


The first article on the Expos.. 
I find it interesting, the ad for the Jays cruise. At different times in the 1990s different groups would hold cruises like that.. I remember the Jays holding them and, oddly enough... WCW had some.. Nowadays, the only ones I've heard of are the ones the Barenaked Ladies put on, Ships and Dip.. 

A short article on baseball in Oneonta New York.. 

An article on Baseball in British Columbia.. 
They show a picture of the 1959 Vancouver Mounties in here. Mentioned is one of the floating heads being Brooks Robinson. 

A small fiction piece on horse diving and Babe Ruth's first Home Run on Hanlon's Point in Toronto. 
Back in the day, Hanlon's Point had a ball diamond that the Toronto Maple Leafs played in. (Yes, the minor league team was named the Maple Leafs.. There is currently a semi-pro team with the same name in the Intercounty Baseball League)

The Minor League Marketplace generally pedaled the goods of minor league teams either in Canada, or tied to the Canadian Major League teams.. 
The Welland Pirates were a Pittsburgh affiliate in Welland, Ontario.
Harrisburg still has the Senators.. Just not tied to Montreal now, as they don't exist.
St. Catharine's had a NYP league team for a while before they were moved to Queens for a season, then became the Brooklyn Cyclones for the Mets. 

Now.. I fully admit.. If I had money at the time, I would have sent in to get the cards and likely other stuff as well.. 

Baseball in Japan... Generally interesting information including North American players who went to Japan and the Japanese players who had come to America by that point. 

Books and Movies.. It's weird.. In this age of instant information, I miss periodicals like this.. 

An article on Curtis Pride. 

A profile on Bucky Harris. 

Little interesting tidbits here, including more "What to Read" 
The thing with Charlie Hough is a note that he ended off the season with a batting average lower than his age. 

All Name Team.. Back when nicknames were nicknames and not something akin to Hockey names.. 
(naming someone Sanchy for example)

The bottom note is a little misleading in title.. 
Basically, the Colorado Silver Bullets Female Baseball team had a player on there that was waiting on gender reassignment surgery, so while they said they were female, (and theoretically soon-to-be) they were, for all intents and purposes, male.. 
The other portion of it talks about the team getting clobbered by the Northern League All Star Team 19-0. 

The back inside cover shows ads for the Canada's Baseball Legends book I got from my parents for Christmas one year and an ad for back issues of the magazine.. I think I missed the first three issues of the magazine.. Searches online for "Dugout magazine" nets me a college-focused magazine from Texas. 

I would like to get the rest of the magazines because I really enjoyed them.. Part of why I've kept them this long.. 
I think if people want to see more of them I'll post them. most likely on Sundays.. 


  1. Tom Selleck looks like he couldn't been a major league baseball player!

  2. The Best Names Team is a solid list!

  3. I did mess up the order a little.. Page 36 is the second last page showing, though it's before the Back Inside Cover.. I'm not going to change it..

  4. I've bookmarked this post so I can read the pages on a rainy day. Great stuff!

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