Saturday, August 26, 2017

A 50 for 50 Post

Chris at The Collector and The Pedestrian Writer is doing a trade deal where you ask for certain lots of cards (I took Jays.. Are we surprised??) and he sends you 50.. You send him 50 back.. Win Win!

As mentioned, I asked for the Jays lot.. He figured I would, so it wasn't a giant shock.. lol 

I got the package in the mail a couple days ago and included was a note.. In a previous trade, I got a bunch of his Jays cards already, so he threw what he had and added some Expos, hoping I didn't mind.. 

I don't mind at all! In fact Expos tend to be a little less populated for me.. 

A couple 80s Jays I needed.. In both cases, they were the second copy slated for the team binder. 
I think Alex Sanchez was the first one I received.. I think....
As mentioned, there's Expos as well. 

 A nice batch of 1993 Ultra here. Fleer Flair was one set I never saw.. Aside from a couple years, baseball cards were scarce in Thunder Bay area. I found Fleer, Score, and Donruss mainly.. A store had the factory sets of Upper Deck for 1992 and 1993 and that was about it.. 

I got two Larry Walkers and they both fit in the collection. One will go into the Expos Binder.. One will go into the Canadian Born Players binder. 

Those Topps Finest are weird.. 
What makes Otis Nixon a warrior? 
I get the Hentgen and Martinez.. They're pitchers.. 

Power does fit Carlos Delgado.. 
Recent Acquisitions include Orlando Merced, Carlos Garcia, and Benito Santiago.. 

A couple of the Kimball Champions cards, a Dalton Pompey (not sure if going into the Jays or Canadians binder.. I can't remember how many I have now) A Brett Lawrie (again, I don't remember how many I have) and a shiny Dickey.. 

So out of the 50 I got, 43 fit into the collections.. Not bad at all.. Especially for what ends up being a mutually beneficial trade.. I just hope the cards I send back are ones that fill gaps as well. 


  1. Some nice pickups. For what they are, I actually really like the 2016 Bunt design with the big logo and clear name/design.

  2. I'm surprised they got to you so fast - and I'm glad you could use so many of these. I'm now dangerously low on Jays and Expos base. Time to restock, lol.

    I'll hold the 2015 Topps lot for you, and we'll do another 50/50 swap in September. I'm out of supplies (and money) at the moment.

    1. Sounds good.. I already have the 50 for that one put into the envelope.. I just combined them.. lol
      I understand the lack of resources thing, so no rush..