Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mystery Cards

So I got home today from work.. I had a charter going to the Berry Farm I've been going to all summer.. Greeting me at the door was a small bubble mailer. I know it's Canadian since it's a Canada Post design.. Addressed to me.. Great!! But the return address was messed to the point of illegibility.. 

So.. I got cards in the mail today and I don't know who they're from!!

1993 OPC Premier. I never saw these when they were new. Northwestern Ontario was horrible for getting cards.. Nice to knock these off the wants now though.. 

1992 and 1993 Upper Deck. The Walker, I believe, brings to close the number of Walkers I needed.. I will need to check.. 
1992 was a nice set as well. I'm glad they did something different with 1993 so the design stood out from 1990-1992. 

More 1992s. I always liked the checklist cards with the art on the front. 
The Incaviglia card could have been taken in one of many parks of the era and you wouldn't know which one.. It could have been Kauffman in KC or SkyDome in Toronto for example.. I think, however, that it's probably KC because of the Fryman card. 
Higuera's card is even more difficult.. Assuming it's turf because of the lighter colour, it could be the same options I gave, though I'm leaning more towards the Dome.. 

 Kenny Lofton with the Astros and Todd Van Poppel. We also have an O Pee Chee two panel sticker. It's Joel Youngblood, likely making reference to the Two Games for Two Teams in Two Cities in One Day feat he pulled off.. 

Finally, more OPC stickers. Terry Puhl, Jeff Reardon, Steve Rogers, Willie Upshaw, Barry Bonnell, Lloyd Moseby, Al Oliver, and Fergie Jenkins. 

So.. I wanted to thank whoever sent this off to me.. Much appreciated! If it was you, let me know in the comment section so I can give credit accordingly.

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