Thursday, March 1, 2018

Working on Catching Up

Another post trying to get caught up on stuff I received. 

I have a bunch of stuff I need to send out, but I don't have the funds to do so right now.. 

First is a couple cards from Chris from The Collector.

I originally mentioned I wanted the Fernandez auto. I received the two Draft Picks extra..
Chris, I have your card packaged and just need the money to send it. Most likely be on the 9th.

Second was a few from everyone's favourite Darryl Strawberry/John Kruk fan and hater of 1995 Fleer, Peter Steinberg. 

He had some 2018 flagship that he was trying to get rid of and, knowing I collect Jays, had a few for me. 

The Bautista is a Gold Parallel.. 

As an aside... TOPPS.... This is why parallels don't work without borders!! I couldn't tell this was a Gold Parallel until I scanned it... Either lose the colour parallels or bring back borders!

The other thing about the Bautista...
It looks a bit like the James Bond thing going on..


I had made a trade with Curtis from First Row Collectibles. There was a miscommunication where a card I wanted was missed.. 

Curtis made it right though..

Charlie Simmer.. Another one for the collection.. 

I'm seeing a few new Simmers I want from recent times.. 

Anyway, I hope to get things figured out soon.. 


  1. It's nice to see Charlie Simmer in some new sets. The Joey bats does kind of look like Bond.

    Happy to hear the Fernandez arrived safely. I wasnt sure that one stamp would be enough to get it to you.

    1. Indeed.. One of them I saw has him in a Seals uniform.

  2. That Fernandez autograph is fantastic! He was one of my favorite shortstops back in the day.

    1. I love it.. I'd say he was probably the best shortstop the Jays have had

  3. Ha ha. I had no idea that was a gold parallel either. I mean, I'd still have sent it and all but I certainly would have admired it before packing it off. I'm glad they're with you.

    1. Thank you again!
      I know what you mean though.. Really I think that should tell Topps that the parallel nonsense is getting too much.. When people don't notice they're a parallel, maybe it's time to rethink your strategy.