Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Birthday Post Part 2

Well, last post was about the purchase I made from Dave and Adams.. 
Update: They returned my email. They don't have the cards to replace, unfortunately. They're offering store credit or a refund. I want to keep the set and maybe find the missing cards on COMC or on eBay or something. So maybe a partial credit or something? I don't know.. 

Anyway... I also bought cards from COMC. 

They came in around the same time as the D&A order. 

A Jeff Heath reprint. A Canadian player from the same city I was born in. It's from BLC in 1985. 
I always love getting cards like this. I also appreciate how his cards are relatively inexpensive on COMC. I generally have the mindset that anything before 1975 is too expensive for me. 

A Tommy Hutton Hostess card from 1978. These are really cool. If you look though, there's a lot of bright blue in this photo. Blue skies, blue uniform... Blue eyes... 

This looks like it was part of a panel, with the perforations on the side. According to the TCDB, it's from the 2009 World Baseball Classic, and was released as part of a panel for a promo. There's also a Justin Morneau card that I need to find. 

Speaking of Canadians, a couple new Larry Walker cards. 
The top one is one of those Collector's Choice In-set-subsets.. (I miss those, rather than the 160000 inserts and variations we have now)
The bottom is a second copy of a 1993 Diamond Kings card.. I love them. I have always loved the Diamond Kings cards. 

And with this card, my 1992 Topps needs are done.. Well, for the base cards anyway. 
Steve Wilson Base and Gold Winners. 

This one is interesting. Fleer mixed up these two cards. On the back of the Nigel Wilson card is a writeup for Darrell Whitmore. 
Darrell Whitmore's card has Nigel Wilson's writeup.. So I bought both. 

A couple more Wilsons, these from Bowman. 
He had the regular card and foil card in the same set. 
Can I throw in this: I miss those uniforms. 

Nigel as a member of the Edmonton Trappers. They were the AAA team for the Marlins at the time. 
Really, nothing like being at the other end of a different country from the Major League team you play for.. Just a mere 3000 miles away.. 

Some 1995 Fleer cards. These are all inserts. 
League Leaders and All Stars here. Ken Hill and Pat Hentgen. 

Headliners Joe Carter card. 
This was a rather interesting one. 
The back mentioned he was the first to have 3 consecutive 100 RBI seasons for three different teams. 

A Fergie Jenkins card from 1967. This was a nice one to get, and relatively inexpensive at $6.15 USD on COMC. 
It is off centred, but I'm not too worried about that. It's a nice addition to the collection. 

A more modern card. This one is from 2013, and is from the Panini Cooperstown Collection set. International Play.
It's an interesting design, but at the same time, I don't know if I really like how much room the flag takes up. But it's a way to get around copyright, so...

Remember earlier how I said cards before 1975 I tend to believe the cards are too expensive for me?
Well, I found two for under $20 each. This is the second one, obviously. 

I had never thought I'd have this card in my collection. It was something I just resigned myself to never having a copy of, because in my mind, a card from 1966 of a Hall of Fame player I could never afford it. 

I found it for $18.75 on COMC. I jumped at picking it up. 

Those were my purchases.. I still have a trade to go over, as well as a surprise mailday.. 


  1. It sounds like you might need to revise your belief that pre-75 cards are too expensive for you. All this was a really nice birthday present to self! That '66 Fergie is amazing by the way :)

  2. I've been kinda on a Larry Walker shopping spree myself. Love seeing him wearing the Expos logo.

    1. It is nice Though those are usually the cards I either need two or three copies of. lol

  3. Nice Fergie cards! I remember the Nigel Wilson hype, 1993 was the peak of my card collecting years and he was supposed to be a building block for the Marlins franchise. I had one of those Flair inserts but cant remember which. And it's nice to see an Edmonton baseball card..I may need to borrow that image in a week or so ;)

    1. Oddly enough.. I pulled a Nigel Wilson out of a Repack I bought on Thursday

  4. Wow...I never imagined that I'd see a Darrell Whitmore sighting on any blog other than mine! Also, I agree on the Marlins uniforms. They should go to those original 1993 uniforms permanently.

    1. I remember Whitmore and Wilson were supposed to be future building blocks for the Marlins. That didn't quite work out that way.. lol

    2. Nor did David Nied with the Rockies. Ahhhhh....expansion teams...

    3. I remember a lot of hype around Nied because "OMG He's a Braves System Product!! Look at their MLB pitchers.. He must be a God!"
      Annnnnnd He's gone.. lol

  5. Love the Jenkins rookie card! Congrats on a nice addition to your collection.