Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Katz Came Back

By the end of this, I think we'll all be sick of the cat puns.. I apologize in advance.. lol 

Anyway.. Yesterday I showed the minis and some oddballs I received from Shane. Today is a batch of cards from the 80s.. 

First is this card from 1973 I forgot to show yesterday. 
Ernie McAnally as an Expo. This has to be in Spring Training, with the Palm Trees in the background and all.. I was going to say this could be Jarry Park as well, but no.. Palm Trees do not grow in Montreal. 

Some early 80s goodness here. 
The Fleer cards are all from the Update set. Nice to see them. 
The bottom middle card is Charlie Lea. 

Quaker granola Tim Raines.. 
Interesting fact about Quaker... There's a production plant here in Peterborough. Has been here for years. I believe it's over 100 years old now. 
I don't associate Casey Candaele with the Expos. I associate him with the Astros.. It's cool seeing him in the Expos colours, though it still throws me off.. 
Fun fact: Jesse Barfield is active on Twitter.. 

In scanning cards for this post, I found a UK mini I missed for the first post. So it's been added here. 
Another Candaele Expos card. In a way those Toys R Us cards both look good with Jays and Expos on them and look "too much Blue" if that makes sense.. 
Really same with the Baseball Exciting Stars Key beside it. 
The Action Superstars Bell is interesting too. Borderless in the 80s.. 

More Fleer Update cards. Update sets tend to be under represented in my collections.. 
Ahhh Stadium cards.. The Big Owe and The Mistake By the Lake. 
I don't know why but I love stadium photos.. I have some books on MLB stadiums and if there was a simple way of figuring out how to collect stadium cards, I would be all over it. 

We end with 1989.. 
Nelson Santovenia makes a couple appearances here. Otherwise, it's the usual suspects again in the oddballs. 

I may or may not spare the cat pun next post... Maybe.. 


  1. I think I like the baseball cards of the two ballparks the best. This is a really good group of cards, as was the one you showed in the previous post. Bravo!

    1. They're certainly some of my favourites.
      I think I like the fact that there's so much variation in stadiums compared to the other sports. The only part that's the same in a ballpark is the diamond..