Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The End of the Box

Today is the final post in the Katz box series. Quite a lot to like in there so far. Let's see what the final day brings..

The Pedro is one of those "Cards Your Mom Threw Out" inserts. Still nice to get a Pedro Expos card. 
Heritage is a set I never found up here, so getting them through trades or purchasing online is about the only way I can go about it.. 

I wonder if Brett has completely been forgotten by MLB.. And I wonder if that's a good or bad thing...
Ricky Romero, once batters realized he never threw anything over the plate, quickly found himself in the minors.
That said, I do like that black bordered Heritage card. 

Randy Johnson as an Expo is always welcome here. 
I believe it's intentional, but some of the Heritage photos look off.. Either washed out or just.. I don't know... Not real??

Hey! A Bautista patch card.. 
The J & J Blue Jays card I'm just glad they didn't go "J & J Security"

I mentioned above that Heritage is a rare animal in these parts.. Heritage Minors are like the Loch Ness Monster, or Sasquatch.. Mythical. 
The one thing that I find tough for sorting these cards is how Topps spans some inserts over the full set.. Series 1, 2, and Update. 
That All Star Game card is the reason for the rant. 

We have some Donruss cards here. 
I'll admit, the unlicensed cards do bother me somewhat... But at the same time.. I find some of these cards to be better than the mountain of crap Topps is putting out. 
With the poses in the three above here, you don't really notice they're not licensed. 

One insert I didn't understand from last year's set what the Opening Day Incredible Eats cards.. 
And moreso for this one... Buffalo Cauliflower Poutine?????
*deep breath* Ok... Let's continue...

Ok.. I like the fact that with the two base and parallels shown here, you can tell the parallel right away.
The Sepia Stadium Club is obvious. And really, it's a nice look..
The Blue Bunt again is obvious.. Though I have to say it looks like Stroman's arm is dislocated in the photo they used. 
And what a way to end it off.. Another Randy Johnson Expos card from a set just as mythical as Heritage minors. 

Thank you for the cards, Shane! I'm working on putting together something for you. 


  1. Glad you enjoyed these!!! Certainly was fun pulling all these crazy ooddballs together for you. Since then, have found more Jays/Expos—will keep any other aside for you.

  2. That Gypsy Queen Randy Johnson is sweet! Love seeing him in an Expos uniform.

    1. It's nice to see. I'd rather see that than cards of him as a Yankee..

  3. Anything that looks like 1961 and 1966 Topps wins in my books. Shane really gave you great blog material and great cards.