Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What to do....

I'm in the process of going through my collection and verifying my collection on the Trading Card Database is correct. Once I have it verified on there I'll be updating the blog lists.. 

But I've come across an interesting problem.. 

What do you do with a stack of duplicates that could wallpaper a large room???

I'm up to 1988 in my verification... 

Sitting on my desk is this:

Isn't it a lovely stack? 

All of it 1988 Topps.. (And would you believe I STILL have needs from this set???)

As I was entering it into the Database, I didn't even bother to enter the duplicates.. Some of them I had 10 copies of.. 

But that's not the only one I have.. Oh no... 

That is all 1991 Score... (again.. I have needs from this set... Really?????)

Truthfully, my inclination for this one is to just chuck out the whole thing.. But at the same time.... That would be rather mean to the people picking up the garbage/recycling.. 

I also have 1992 Donruss that could fill the last row on the 1991 Score box.. Oddly enough even before hitting Publish on this I'm hearing a loud gagging from the Night Owl area.. 

So the question is: What do you do with that many duplicates? Where I live hockey is king. I could bring them to Value Village for donation.. But I don't know if they'd take them.. Plus I wouldn't want to lug two of these boxes on the transit.. 

Ideas would be lovely.. 

And if on the very off chance someone needs any cards from those sets... Let me know! I'll see if I have them.. 


  1. Oh Value Village would take them and try selling them for about $5 per 100 or so. I do like the wallpaper idea though. Otherwise, baggie them for handout next Halloween, put them on Kijiji for free to someone willing to pickup, or controlled fires to heat the house (though only in a fireplace, and if you are not too worried about the possible fumes).

    1. And knowing them they'd put 10 of the same card in the bag.. lol

  2. You'd have to pay shipping costs, but maybe donating them to Commons for Kids (

    1. That certainly is an option.. I'll look into that

  3. Maybe check with the local children's hospital. They might take some.....

  4. Hello there. I'll be playing the part of the tiny devil standing on your shoulder, whispering in your ear.

    I was in a similar situation and I pondered it long and hard... and ended up recycling them anyway. Not all at once, mind you, but all of my non-glossy unwanted junk wax went in the recycling. And still does, whenever I run across such cards in a repack or whatever.

    1. I did find a user on the Database who needs some of them, so I contacted them about a trade. Aside from that, I think that may be the route I go... Unless I use the 1991 Score as wrapping paper for whatever reason lol.