Friday, January 13, 2017

1991 Score Rising Stars Part 2

Yesterday I started looking at some of the players included in the 1991 Score Rising Stars set.. 

I want to look at some more today.. Again, these are the lesser lights of the group. Something about the guys who don't make much of an impact fascinates me.. 

Eric Gunderson played from 1990-2000, basically as a "He has a left arm... Sign that man!" guy.. 
He went 8-11 4.95 ERA 274 Hits in 229.0 IP 29 HR, 84 BB, 137 K
He finished his career in 2001 split between Buffalo and Columbus after a forgettable stint in Toronto.

George Canale played from 1989-1991 for Milwaukee.. 
In 44 games, he hit .164/.276/.384 4 HR 13 RBI
He finished his career with the Hyundai Unicorns of the Korean League and the Yucatan Leones of the Mexican League in 1999. 

George Schulz played from 1989-1991 for Kansas City and Pittsburgh.
In 40 games, he hit .244/.298/.333 0 HR 7 RBI 
His career finished in 1992 when he split between Nashville and Iowa

George Bell's Brother played from 1989-1995 for Baltimore, Philadelphia, Montreal, Milwaukee, and Boston.
In 329 games he hit .212/.284/.298 10 HR 71 RBI 84 BB 189 SO
His career ended in 2000 with the Cordoba Cafeteros and Campeche Piratas of the Mexican League.
Sadly, he passed away on August 24, 2016.

Kevin Wickander played from 1989-1996 for Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, and Milwaukee.
He went 5-1 4.02 ERA 151 Hits in 138.2 IP, 12 HR 85 BB 101 K
1996 was actually the final season if his career. 

Luis Sojo probably played the longest of the guys I'm looking at today, between 1990-2003.
He played for Toronto, Seattle, California, Pittsburgh and the Yankees. 
In 848 games, he hit .261/.297/.352 36 HR 261 RBI 124 BB, 198 SO
He actually finished playing in 2006, playing for the Cardenales de Lara in the Venezuelan League after taking three years off. 

Mel Stottlemyre Jr played one season in the Majors, 1990, for Kansas City.
He went 0-1 4.88 35 Hits in 31.1 IP, 3 HR, 12 BB, 14 K
His career ended in 1990 but he went into coaching, and is currently the Pitching Coach in Seattle.

Oscar Azocar played from 1990-1992 for the Yankees and Padres.
In 202 games, he hit .226/.248/.296 5 HR, 36 RBI
His career ended in 2001, finishing with the Yucatan Leones in Mexico. 
He passed away June 14, 2010.

Pat Combs played from 1989-1992, all for Philadelphia.
He went 17-17 4.22 ERA 299 Hits in 305.0 IP, 21 HR 147 BB, 190 K
His career ended in 1995, split between Scranton and New Orleans. 

Rick Parker played from 1989-1996 for San Francisco, Houston, Mets, and Los Angeles. 
In 163 games he hit .244/.300/.311 2 HR 24 RBI 16 BB 36 SO
His career ended in 1998 with Norfolk.

Wayne Edwards played from 1989-1991, all with the White Sox.
He went 5-5 3.37 ERA 110 Hits in 125.2 IP, 9 HR 61 BB 84 K
His career ended in 1996 with the Bakersfield Blaze in one of their unaffiliated years.

Some of the better known names in the set include Charles Nagy, Steve Avery, Frank Thomas, Larry Walker, Juan Gonzalez, David Justice, Robin Ventura, Hal Morris, and John Olerud.  


  1. I am still amazed at how long a playing career Luis Sojo was able to have...

    1. It surprised me as well. I remember seeing him playing on the Yankees but it still didn't register..

  2. I've really enjoyed the first two posts on this set. I like seeing names I haven't heard in 25 years and also the career recap. Great idea and well done!

    -kin (

    1. Well, it's always been something of mine to wonder about the lesser known players.. I mean some of my favourite players have been guys like Reed Johnson and FP Santangelo. Sure, I liked guys like Nolan Ryan and Roy Halladay and Dave Stieb, but to look at some of the guys who don't quite get there is interesting to me..