Thursday, January 12, 2017

1991 Score Rising Stars and an Update

First things first.. 

I found an answer to my last post about the 1990 Topps Traded. 

According to, Topps released traded in both factory sets and in packs. The factory sets were produced in Ireland and have the brighter card stock.. The ones released in packs were produced in the US and used the same card stock as the base set.. 1990 was the first time they did this. 

Now, onto what I want to look at today.. 

Score released 100 Rising Stars and 100 Superstars for a few years. Some of the rising stars are less than meteoric.. 

Adam Peterson played in the majors from 1987-1991. 
He ended up going 5-11 5.46 ERA In 155 Innings, he gave up 167 hits, 24 HR, 65 BB, 75 K. 
His career ended in Las Vegas in 1992. 

Beau Allred played in the majors from 1989-1991. 
In 65 games, he had 38 hits, 4 HR, 15 RBI, 29 BB, 48 SO, .230/.345/.691
His playing career ended in 1994 with the Richmond Braves.. 

Bill Sampen played from 1990-1994
He was 25-21 3.73 ERA, 312 Hits in 299.1 IP, 26 HR 133 BB, 176 K, 
His career ended in 1994 between Vancouver and California. 

Brian DuBois played between 1989-1990.
He went 3-9 3.83 ERA, 94.1 IP, 99 H, 11 HR, 39 BB, 47 K, 
His career ended in 1996 with the Aberdeen Pheasants of the Prairie League.

Dana Kiecker played from 1990-1991.
He went 10-12 4.68 ERA, 201 H in 192.1 IP, 13 HR, 77 BB, 114 K 
His career ended in 1991 split between Pawtucket and Boston. 
Interesting fact: He was born in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, and does radio for the St, Paul Saints. 

Dave Rohde played from 1990-1992.
in 93 games, he had 23 H, 0 HR, 5 RBI, 16 BB, 31 SO .158/.262/.447
His career ended in 1995 with Tucson. 

I will look at more tomorrow.. 

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