Friday, January 20, 2017

Much Cardboard!

So it's been a little hectic around here lately. After the holidays I've been back to work on my semi-normal routine. I say semi-normal because getting up before 6 am is for the birds.. lol 

Also the last two weeks we've had four days of bus cancellations due to weather or road conditions. Last week was snow.. This week was ice. The kids I drive want to be in school for a full week.. But I digress.. 

Because of the weather, mail and other services have been a little spottier as well. 

Yesterday I got four packages in the mail from trades, and I'll get into them likely this weekend.. 

What I want to cover today is what came in the mail today......

My first COMC order.. 

Yes.. I got two of these.. I was missing two cards from the 1990 Topps 89 Debut set: This one and Ken Griffey Jr. 
If I wanted to put that set together, I would have had to buy the Griffey (around $6) and get a third copy of this card to satisfy all my collections.. I decided on just the two.. One for my Expos, one for my Canadian-Born..

John Hiller/Fritz Fisher Rookie card.
The cut on it isn't the best, but I got this card for Hiller. He was born in Toronto, and in an odd twist, my best friend's father knew him in High School. 

I covered his career in my blog previously in my Canadians in the Majors series (Note to self: You're overdue for another one..) but Jeff Heath was born in Fort William, Ontario. Fort William is now part of Thunder Bay, the city I was born in. 

John Hiller 1980 Topps.. I picked up two copies of this card. One for myself and one for my friend's dad. The other copy is better centred.

Another Jeff Heath card. This is the reprint version from 1988. I do find it interesting what's on the back of the card.. 

I'd be interested to see what this game and bank looked like.. Oh to go back in time lol 

Finally, a 1987 Mini Leaders Jesse Barfield. 

I admit to not being overly focused on what I got this time around.. It was definitely an "Oooo Shiny!" kind of shop.. 

I definitely will be spending more money through COMC.. I'm also thinking about sending some of the stuff I have in to sell on the site.. 


  1. John Hiller was one of the first cards I pulled out of the first packs I ever bought in 1975. He was an early favorite because of that. I love that card.

    1. Cool.. I was almost tempted to buy a third copy of the 1980 card and see if I could find an address to send to get it autographed by Hiller and give that one to my friend's dad..