Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Something Interesting..

I've been going through my cards to make sure my lists are correct on the Trading Card Database.. Today I got to the 1990 Topps Traded and came across something interesting.. 

To illustrate, I'm going to show a Frank Wills card.. 

In fact, here's two of them side by side.. 

Not all that remarkable. Was never really that incredible a player. But it's not the player I'm looking at here.. Really it's not even the front.. 

Here's what I'm looking at... 

One card basically has the same back as the base set, while the other has the brighter stock. 

Now, on the Database, the traded backs look like the brighter stock card.. I remember in general at that time the Traded sets had a different colour back to them than the base set.. 

I just don't know why I have cards with the base set backing as well.. It's not just Wills either, I have two Wills, a Junior Noboa, Dennis Boyd, Dave Schmidt, and Bill Sampen with this style back. 

I have what amounts to two full sets with the brighter stock. 

So I guess what I'm asking is did Topps use the base stock for the Traded set in 1990 and I have Tiffany sets, or are the base stock style cards oddballs from 1990??

If anyone has information/insight/conspiracy theories, let me know!


  1. If you get an answer on this, I'd love to know. I've got the same thing going on with a pair of Franklin Stubbs.

    1. This is according to baseballcardpedia.com:

      The 1990 Topps Traded was released in late 1990. For the first time, Topps Traded was distributed in both factory set and pack forms. Unlike the factory set cards (which were printed on white cardstock by Topps' plant in Ireland), the wax pack cards were produced domestically and printed on graystock. Both versions are valued equally.

  2. What I've heard in the past is that the brighter stock was printed overseas (in Great Britain, I believe) and the regular colored stock was printed domestically just like the base set. I think they were printed in equal quantities so there isn't a premium on either version.