Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cleaning up Some Trades

I mentioned in my last post about getting multiple envelopes on Thursday and Friday. I felt I needed to show off the John Hiller and Jeff Heath cards I got from COMC before taking care of the trades.

I made three trades through the Database.. One with the user Sportzcommish, one with the user clmdesign, and finally one with fellow Canadian and blogger CrazieJoe.

I'll go over Sportzcommish's first, just because.

1988 Topps Jays and Expos. I'm sure I have all these in the set I'm trying to build, but I needed for the team binders. 

Thanks again!

Now, clmdesign and I worked out a small trade, though I already have 40 1988 Topps cards he needs set aside to start another trade 

1979 Expos Hal Dues and Woodie Fryman.
A nice batch of 1981 Donruss as well. That Jerry White card looks like the photo was in Wrigley. 
The Stieb and Howell almost look like old Comiskey, but I don't know.. 

These were thrown in as well.. Pleasant surprise!

Finally, CrazieJoe sent me a message for a trade, though I'd be getting these cards whether or not I traded lol

1987 Bob Rodgers for the Expos binder.. Kal Daniels Leaf for the 88 Leaf set, Jerome Walton for the 90 Fleer set.. 1990 Donruss for either the set or for the miscellaneous collections they fill: Expos and Canadians. 
The Deshaies DIamond King would fit in either the set or with the Diamond Kings collection I've started. 

Some 1991 Donruss and Fleer to sear out the ol' retinas.. 
Mostly Expos in these ones, as I believe I have the Jays well covered, but Expos are under represented. 

Rick Mahler wearing the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything on his uniform.. Got to love that.. 
I miss those old Expos uniforms 

Some more Leaf and finally, an Ultra 1991 for the Expos binder. 

Thank you all for the trades. I have sent out the returns. I do apologize for the delay on it. 

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  1. Glad you like...and yes, you were getting them anyway. Always happy to send cards I don't collect...or a better home.