Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Trade For the New Year

Before the year ended, I had set up a trade with Trading Card Database member Dicefoot. 

I received the package today.

Some 1978s for that collection. I will need to get another John Hiller for my Canadians collection. 
Interesting story: My best friend's father went to high school with John Hiller in Toronto. 

1982 Fleer. Bill Gullickson in the Expos colours, Fergie as a Ranger, and Terry Puhl. 

1983 O Pee Chee for that collection. 
Some interesting things here:
Johnny Bench as a 3rd Baseman. 
Cal Ripken.. Just Cal Ripken. lol 

Some Topps 206 minis. 
Expos and Canadians. 

1974 OPC Fergie Jenkins again as a Ranger.
Ron Taylor as an Expo. Ron Taylor is another Canadian, meaning somewhere down the line I will need another one of these. 
That Larry Walker looks like it says "All Topps Mystery Finest" behind him, but I don't think that's what it actually says.. 

A couple Expos from Baseball Cards Magazine. 

Finally, some regular sized Topps 206. 

Thank you again, Dicefoot!! 


  1. Topps 206 was a set I pretty much ignored when it came out. A couple years back a bought a discounted box and fell in love with it. Lots of unique cards!

    1. I ignored the set because it wasn't around where I lived.. lol