Thursday, January 30, 2020

To Collect or Not To Collect: 1983 O Pee Chee

I came across this one in one of the boxes holding other sets and I honestly forgot I had them. 

1983 O Pee Chee is a 396 card set modeled after the 1983 Topps Set. 
Of the 396 cards, I have 257, meaning I'm 64.9% completed.. 

I've been thinking about this set and I do like it. 
Obviously, with it being a 1983 set, there are lots of Jays and Expos. 
Multiple Hall of Famers in there as well. Ryan, Dawson, Raines, Carter, Murray, etc etc etc..

It's also got two pretty decent rookie cards.. 
Tony Gwynn (anywhere from $5.65-35.00 on COMC)
Ryne Sandberg ($11-17 on COMC)

They weren't quite as bad as I thought they would be..

I love the Supervet cards in this (and Topps') sets in 1983. Thhis one is obviously Al Oliver. 

Can't show a Canadian set without showing a Canadian player, can I? 
I actually own this one, but don't have Fergie Jenkins yet. 

I do not own this one yet.. This is another that I thought would be expensive, but according to COMC, I could get it for $2.75.. 

Another Supervet. This time Nolan Ryan 

So am I going to keep collecting this set? 


I'll post an updated want list for this set soon.


1983 OPC Want List Is Here and Updated!


  1. The 1983 design is one of my favorites of all-time. I originally wanted to bust a pair of boxes and build the OPC set, but they were too expensive... so I settled on purchasing a complete set on eBay back in 2013. Best of luck with your build.

  2. Good decision to keep collecting this set. It's a good one! I might have a few cards for you, so I'll check back on your want list.

    1. Excellent.
      I'll probably post the want list link in the post and have the link elsewhere

  3. Yeah, I concur with Gregory. Great decision to collect this set. As a kid all the OPC sets were always second-rate because they weren't Topps, but now that I'm older and pretending to be wiser, I'm a big fan of the OPC sets.