Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Remembering the Astrodome with Expos!

I recently received a message on Twitter from Marc of Remember the Astrodome fame looking for my address because he had some cards to send me.. 

Well.. What I got was a shoebox full of team bags.. In those bags are set needs, Expos, and Blue Jays.. 

Now... I'm showing a few sets today that he helped add to.. I'll have more next post as well.. 

First up is 1990 Score.. Now remember, I decided to continue to collect that set.. These cards put me a little closer.. 73.3% according to the Database Gods.. 
The Boyd is from the Traded set and since I already have two copies of it, goes into the big box of Expos. 

The other two Score Traded are the same thing.. 

These three 1991 Fleer are cards I needed for the binder, so I have them separate.. 

These are all adds for the set.. Included in there is Peter Steinberg's favourite John Kruk. 
With these cards, I'm now at 83.3% complete for this set. 

I have some Bowman and some other stuff to show off next time. 

Today was a bad day mental health wise, so I really don't have much to say.. I will say thank you to Marc, aka Bru on Twitter! 

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