Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Jays from The Team Collectors

Another day, another post about cards. Strange how that works.. 

This time, it's a small stack of cards I received from Team Collector member promodeltodd. 

Some early Classic cards here. Nice seeing Bell and Key in a Jats uniform. 
Niekro pitched three games for the Jays in 1987 and didn't fare well.. 
15 hits, 11 runs 4 HR, 7 BB and 7K in 12 innings. WHIP was 1.833. 
The Jays acquired him August 9, 1987 and released him at the end of the month. He signed with Atlanta to finish the year, and his career.. 

Quite the jump after the 2005 cards.. Right into 2018-2019. 
Vernon Wells autogrpah here. A Topps Now card for Roy getting into the Hall. 
Then we have some more on-demand stuff..
The Tellez and Jansen are from the Rookie Progression set.
The two Alomar cards are from the Topps x Lindor set. 

The Reid-Foley card is from the Clear Travel set, I believe, since it's numbered CP-61
The Granderson and Urena are both serial numbered out of 25. It took a bit to find those. 
The rest of these cards are from the Topps x Vlad Jr set. 
The Jansen auto shown is numbered as "9-A" for the card number, so I imagine it was meant as a variation of card 9, but I'm not sure. 

Thank you for the cards!!

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