Thursday, January 2, 2020

Expos Frankenset Pages 81-84

The second last page of this Frankenset for a while, aside from when I acquire cards to fill gaps.. I may also revisit if I acquire interesting cards.. 


Page 81
721 is missing
Card 722 is a 2002 Upper Deck 40 Man Troy Mattes
723 is missing
Card 724 is a 2003 Topps Total Britt Reames
Card 725 is a 1981 Topps Steve Rogers
Card 726 is a 1991 Donruss Junior Noboa
Card 727 is a 1993 Topps Jonathan Hurst
728 is missing
Card 729 is a 1991 Score Mel Rojas
Obviously a couple Wrigley shots here with Noboa and Rojas. 
For some reason, I remember Britt Reames, but of course that was around the time the Expos were a revoloving door.. As soon as you showed talent and the possibility of making more than a couple million, you were gone..  

Page 82 
Card 730 is a 1982 Topps Gary Carter
731 is missing
Card 732 is a 1984 Topps Terry Crowley
733 is missing
Card 734 is a 1991 Score Scott Anderson
735 is missing
736 is missing 
737 is missing
Card 738 is a 1989 Upper Deck Mike Aldrete

Page 83
739 is missing
740 is missing
741 is missing
Card 742 is a 1987 Topps Andy McGaffigan
Card 743 is a 1990 Upper Deck Mark Gardner
Card 744 is a 1993 Donruss Rob Natal 
Card 745 is a 1990 Topps Hubie Brooks
Card 746 is a 1990 Upper Deck Delino DeShields
Card 747 is a 1989 Topps Wil Tejada

Natal is a bit of a cheat here, as the card lists him as a Marlin. He was taken by the Marlins in the expansion draft, but the card shows him in full Expos uniform, so I'm including him. If I get a better representation for that number, I'll consider it..

Page 84

Card 748 is a 1988 Topps Reid Nichols
Card 749 is a 1990 Upper Deck Oil Can Boyd
Card 750 is a 2001 Topps Grady Sizemore/ David Krynzel
751 is missing
752 is missing
Card 753 is a 1990 Upper Deck Howard Farmer
754 is missing
755 is missing
756 is missing

It's rather interesting to see who the Expos have drafted that ended up doing well elsewhere. 
Sizemore, obviously, never played for the Expos. He was traded to the Indians with Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips, and Lee Stevens for Bartolo Colon and Tim Drew. 
That was 2002.. The Expos ended up in 2nd place that year. Mind you, it was a DISTANT second.. 
But this was the era that MLB owned the Expos. 

Also, the same season, they traded Jason Bay. 


  1. Forgot about the 40 Man set being this many cards as to have options for the 700s. Rest of the sets here are not much a surprise, but still nice variety in card/set representation here.

    1. Not going to lie.. For the 700s that have options that I need to seek out, most are UD 40 man..
      Today is the first day all holiday I'm almost feeling like myself.. Figures it'd be right before I have to go back to work.. lol But I'm now going through the sets I'm working on and seeing what percentage they're at to determine if I want to keep chasing that set.
      Regardless 78 is going to be worked on since birth year set.. But I'm almost tempted to focus on the Jays/Expos Flasghip/Traded to fill those this year.. Anything above that is gravy.

  2. Had no idea Mike Aldrete played for the Expos. I remember cheering for him at Candlestick back in the 80's. He went to Oakland at some point in the 90's and I cheered for him at the Coliseum too.

    1. Yeah he was an Expo from 89-90. I only ever knew him as a member of the A's.. and that was 93-95