Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Another Dip Into the Big Box of Bru

Today is another dip into the Shoebox of cards I got from Marc. 

First is 1990 Bowman. I liked the first couple Bowman sets when Topps relaunched it, but since then it's gotten into Parallel Insanity. 
The Farmer in the middle actually goes into the binder rather than the set. 

I'm now 53% done the 1990 Bowman set.. I will be finishing it. 

Next is 1986 Topps.

The Henke shown here is for the team binder. Also here in the last photo are a Classic Best Jeff Barry and some Fleer stickers. 

With these 86s, I'm now 89% complete this set.. I'll be updating my want lists for the sets I'm completing over the next couple months or so.. They're up to date here though.

Next post will be a couple more sets I'm working on and hopefully a little bit of random stuff in the Box.. 

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  1. I really liked the early 90's Bowman. Today people just open it for the autographs and throw away the base.